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Embrace your WildSide!!!!

Midlife challenges are no JOKE!

Innovative therapy for middle-aged adults and couples in Utah

Wait! Did I miss something?

I thought I had checked all the boxes.

  • College
  • Career
  • Relationship
  • Kids

For THIS!?!?!?!

I wonder if everyone feels as fooled as I do because life is nothing like I thought it would be.


My spouse has become my roommate who I barely know anymore!

The kids are growing up – and there is more worry, not less.

I traded myself in for my career, and it has become overwhelming and unfulfilling.

My body is changing, things are hanging in strange places, and my face shows the stress of life.

The struggle is real!!

Society’s pressures to look young are relentless.

The doctors look like they are in high school when they used to look old!

As we watch our parents age, it is hard to digest that we’re looking in the mirror.

The fear of aging is just on the horizon.

The stress of having enough money saved for retirement is real.

Then add the need for a perfect house, the nicest cars, and enough money to send all your kids to college (and give them more than you had) is never ending.

Will I ever be happy again?

The constant tug of war in my head is SCREAMING, “Who am I?”

And I don’t have an answer.

Life is slipping through my fingers faster than I ever thought it would!

How do I change when this is all I know?


There is HOPE! And I can help!

Midlife does not have to suck!

Let your WildSide breathe new life into you.

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Hi, I’m Paula.

Paula Bruce

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MAC, CTTIII

Life is about crossing bridges, and therapy is the next bridge to connect your inner world with your outer world and embrace your WildSide.

And connection is the greatest predictor of successful therapy. I will connect with you, hear you, see you, and join with you as we walk this exciting new journey together.

Therapy with me can help you address your regrets, unresolved past issues, and traumas. Through deep connection, we will bring to light the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. You will find a new zest for life and a new way of thinking that works for you.

You will give your authentic self permission to shine, and you will redefine your life from this newfound perspective. With renewed energy and purpose, you will see midlife as a gift and a new opportunity to grow.

You are at one of the most critical crossroads in your life!

Don’t stay in fear, just barely hanging on, and waiting and waiting and waiting.

The trouble is, you think you have time, but do you?

More About Me

It’s time to let go of the life you
should live and live the life you
were meant to live.

Take a chance; you have nothing to lose.
But, the clock is ticking.