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Couples Therapy

198869900Something has changed – for the worse.

It feels like spinning on a hamster wheel whenever you and your partner argue. The conversation goes nowhere, leaving you exhausted after the same argument with no resolution.

The two of you seem to lack the ability to have a meaningful conversation, and when you do talk, matters only get worse.

The love you both felt early in your relationship has taken a back seat to other challenges – children, work, money matters, and many other problems couples face.

You feel scared because you don’t want to lose your partner, but you know that something needs to change. You wonder if you will ever feel in love again. Yes, it is possible!

Couples can make a change for the better.

Resolving conflict doesn’t happen without a vision of where it starts. People have different attachment issues that often work against each other. When each of you understands your respective attachment issues, you can respond differently. Knowing this creates a feeling of being heard and understood.

Indeed, couples therapy does not guarantee that you will fix your relationship, but it provides a picture of how your past can show up in your present life and relationship. With this understanding, you can better heal yourself and the relationship.

Through couples therapy, the two of you will identify what is not working and find new ways of communication that support both of you. If you don’t do something different soon, you know it may be too late at some point.

Couples therapy offers a safe space where you can openly discuss your issues. Then, I will provide objective intervention to establish ways to help you resolve what keeps pulling you apart.

284569289Therapy helps couples gain insight.

I won’t tell you to stay or go, nor should anyone else.

My role is to support you and your partner in coming to conclusions about what is best for you and your children if you have children.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. I can support and guide you to find solutions that work for you and your partner. There is no better time than now!

Contact me for your 20-minute complimentary consultation. You have nothing to lose!