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Online Therapy

453625132Working online is a great alternative.

Online therapy has many benefits, including convenience and accessibility to communication using technology, saving you time and gas expenses while receiving the same services.

Online therapy is suitable for those who live in rural or remote areas, may lack transportation services, or have health conditions that hinder their ability to leave home.

This form of therapy also works for those with busy or changing schedules and travel obligations.

Working online allows more people to participate in therapy and healing in a way that works for them. If you are in Utah, I’ve got your back while sitting on your couch instead of mine!

1684455652The process is safe, secure, and effective.

Online therapy provides a way of receiving the same therapy services to those who don’t live in the Salt Lake City area.

You will have access to a secure online platform that will connect us. During our work together, you will receive the same authentic, understanding, transformative ways of healing while never leaving your home!

Working online requires access to a WiFi service and a device that allows for audible and visual communication. Besides access to the internet, the one necessity is a quiet, safe place where you can discuss whatever you need to talk about without others hearing or interrupting. It is important to be familiar with technology enough to access the platform (if not, I can show you how).

If this fits your needs, call me now to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to get started!