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Individual Therapy

620064962Answers to life’s challenges don’t come easy.

Life is a continuous web of lessons and challenges as we find purpose and deeper meaning and maintain the ability to keep moving forward.

Sometimes, you want to throw your hands in the air and say WTF!

You often feel stretched in several different directions at the same time. Stress, anxiety, and depression seem to hinder your progress.

Motivation is waning, and maintaining relationships has become challenging.

You are not alone!

I know because I have been there! Being where you are now is why I am passionate about my work.

If you are reading this page, perhaps it is because you are ready to explore a better way of living.

Individual therapy can help with that exploration, covering many topics – self-awareness, relationships, coping, and addressing challenges.

1916705195This time is for you to explore your life.

You deserve the time spent one-on-one with me to focus on you, your needs, and your goals with a great empathizer and listener. We will explore your needs by having an open and honest conversation as you gain trust that I am on your side.

My approach is to meet you exactly where you are in a safe space to explore and identify solutions that work to move you forward. You will learn tools to help you address your challenges, allowing you to deal with what life throws your way. And remember, I can understand where you are in your life.

Telling you what to do does not work (at least it never did for me), and remember, you are the expert of you! We will find ways to manifest what you truly desire in life.

I specialize in helping others reach their goals. I’m just a call, text, or email away. Schedule your free 20-minute consultation now!